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A few weeks ago, the Pfister hosted a reporter from the San Mateo Daily Journal (California). Timothy spent a lot of time speaking with her and showing off the hotel. Her article was published over the weekend. MILWAUKEE’S HISTORIC PFISTER HOTEL WEAVES THE PAST AND THE PRESENT WITH ITS ARTIST-IN-RESIDENCE PROGRAM. Fabric Artist Timothy Westbrook […]

The Pfister Hotel: Timeless elegance in Milwaukee – Examiner.com

Staple luxury, with the name being as great a foundation as its almost 120-year-old cornerstone, The Pfister Hotel has more than earned its props as the property to see and visit in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Despite its numerous advancements throughout time, The Pfister has retained its 19th century elegance and charm. In fact, it’s almost like stepping back […]

Writer @ Work: Ed Makowski, The Pfister Narrator

Writer @ Work: Ed Makowski, The Pfister Narrator

With today’s blog post, I’m launching a brand new series for the blog—posts written by guest bloggers and featuring unique and profitable writing careers. For now, I am calling the series Writer @ Work—but I could use a better name. If you have an idea, send it to me via email. The winning name wins a […]

The Victorian Landmark by Country Living

From Tea Shops to Public Markets, Milwaukee Fascinates

My trip to Milwaukee had a disturbing start. I missed my plane. Not the understandable “got stuck in traffic” kind of missed my plane. First clue was when I went online to print my boarding pass and the message said, buy cialis “No boarding passes are available for this flight.” It was shortly after that […]

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