Pfister WELL Spa + Salon Press Coverage

Experience the Pfister WELL Spa: A little piece of heaven…

If you live in Milwaukee or you’ve ever visited, diagnosis you’re probably familiar with the historical and opulent Pfister Hotel.

“Step inside its hallowed halls, gleaming with the largest Victorian art collection of any hotel in the world.  Experience service guided by ‘Salve,’ a philosophy of the finest hospitality. You will see why the name ‘The Pfister’ is spoken with such reverence by guests from Milwaukee and indeed the entire world.” –

The spa that awaits you downstairs expresses equally jaw-dropping perfection.

Let me tell you… Everything about the WELL Spa was probably designed by someone who has been to heaven and back. Does heaven exist? I don’t know, pharm but this spa does, and that is enough for me.

Let’s go get a massage, shall we? They offer many types. My favorite is the Relax Me (or Swedish) massage, and I must recommend Erik. You can specify who you’d like when you schedule online.

Can you sip champagne there? Of course. Can you listen to your own music during your massage? Absolutely.

Upon entering the hotel, sovaldi turn right at the sign and take the wide stairway down to thick, glass doors, which open almost effortlessly. With each passing step, time seems to slow down, the vibe changes, and you leave your world behind…

You’ve entered a quiet, white waiting room and soft music is playing. It smells faintly of flowers. It’s a salubrious environment, and serenity permeates the walls. Everyone is speaking in soft, soothing tones. You sink into a large armchair and take a slow, deep breath. You become very aware of any stress you might have, and you just let it go…

Near the wall, on a small table under a mirror, there is a spotless, silver tray with a large, glass pitcher, plates of fruit and flower peddles. Someone approaches you calmly and asks, “Would you like some water with lemon?… Some champagne?…Fruit, perhaps?” You sip your beverage while you fill out a simple form about your choice of music, etc. to optimize your experience.

Your masseuse will remember you if you’re returning, as if you’ve gone on a tiring journey and they are there to welcome you back to the heavenly oasis…

You’re led into a private massage suite, which is dimly lit and smells inviting. They leave and you disrobe. You crack the door to signal that you’re ready. You get under the blanket, which is softer than any you’ve ever felt in your life. They give you a choice of aromatherapy oils, you get lost in the music, forget about your worries and drift into a state of peace…

After your massage you take a shower, get dressed and go out to the lobby. You’re met by your masseuse and they ask how you’re feeling, and if you’d like some water. You sit in the lobby and sip your water for a few minutes. Why can’t this last forever?

You’ll notice that on your way back up those same stairs you originally came down, escorted by your masseuse, that you walk much slower. You’re calmer and more optimistic, loosened up, and smiling… As if they are bringing you gently out of a trance, they inquire about the rest of your day, and you realize everything you’ve have planned seems to have a little shimmer to it now….

June 2022