Pfister WELL Spa + Salon Press Coverage

WELL Spa + Janice Salon at The Pfister Hotel, Milwaukee

During a recent visit to The Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, I had the pleasure of a spa indulgence at the exquisite Well Spa + Janice Salon. This full service spa and salon is one of three in its brand, with the other two located in Las Vegas, Nevada and Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. It is right at home with, and another chapter in The Pfister Hotel’s history–which featured Turkish Baths over a century ago. (

The Well Spa has an impressive menu of massages, body treatments, and facials. My visit was primarily in the spa; and I must note that this experience was quite remarkable–like no other I’ve ever had at a spa. And in my travels, I’m fortunate to have had a-plenty! My visit began with an introduction to the lounge, which is a top-notch, very modern, very chic, “organic” room, with retro-period frosted decor and accents a la Great Gatsby. This is where I was encouraged to relax, enjoy some healthy snacks and beverages and wait for my spa technician. That is where my “typical” spa experience ended.

There was a point where I began to expect to be ushered to a locker room to be given a key, a robe, and slippers as with other spas, but that never happened. My spa professional took me right to the “promised land”, well, of sorts…to the private suite. Don’t get me wrong. I have no issue with having to start in a locker room, but the Well Spa cuts out the middle step that is customary at most spas.

The private suites keep your experience entirely personal. These tailored rooms, the size of a one-bedroom apartment in New York city (my estimation), are neat and polished, from the rich wood flooring in the service room, to the silky sheets on the massage table, and the sleek fixtures, accents and tile in the bathroom and shower areas. There was an additional treat…a steam room within the enormous multi-head shower room. The private suites also have adjustable table temperatures, personal iPod hookups, heated floors, and heated robes.

My personable, knowledgeable, and jovial technician was Nova. My service was the Aromamineral Rhassoul Envelopment. This body treatment began with a moisturizing scrub and was followed by a rich and creamy mud paste application. The treatment continued with my body being enveloped in a layered wrap that aids the mud in detoxifying, firming and cleansing the skin. From there, I was ushered to the Hammam steam room within the shower. If you enjoy steam rooms, this is your place! This was absolutely remarkable. The steam was set on a timer and went to an impressive crescendo before simmering down in preparation for my shower to remove the mud paste.

I then recalled my earlier orientation to the shower knobs (as told to me by my spa professional upon entering the suite). Multiple knobs and showerheads might’ve intimidated some, but I was ready to get my shower on! This pulsating shower symphony was one of my lifetime’s best–making me feel like a kid dancing freely in the rain. Oh….this was a shower worth singing in! Afterwards, I returned to the service room within the suite, for the skin-firming moisturizer to be applied. And to cap off an already exquisite experience, I was dusted with a glimmering powder to enhance my skin with a little bling. Both thumbs up! Well Spa…you did very well. (

The urban and hip Janice Salon is quite impressive as well with an extensive listing of services that leave no body part unattended, from hair care maintenance, coloring, special occasion hair, to nail service, waxing, lash extensions, and more. The Janice Salon is noted to have some of the best salon talent–hair designers and colorists, in the city of Milwaukee. They have an extensive and cosmopolitan menu of services catering to both women and men. (

The Well Spa + Janice Salon is currently running the following special (from website):

“Room and Relaxation

Starting at $270.00 + tax

Just for a day, pretend there is no cell service and no WiFi available. Spend the day prior or stay a day later on your business trip to relax and enjoy yourself. You work hard. You deserve it.

Your Package Includes:

?Overnight Accommodations for One Night
?One 60 Minute Service of Your Choosing in WELL Spa + Janice Salon
?A Spa Amenity
?Complimentary Parking”

Contact information:

Well Spa + Janice Salon

The Pfister Hotel

424 East Wisconsin Ave.

Milwaukee, WI 53202


Giftcards may be purchased on The Pfister Hotel’s spa and salon link or at the link below:

June 2022