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September 2, 2011 | Notes Along the Way Blog | Original Article

As an author of travel articles for many years, I think one of the nicest compliments you can give an old, historic hotel is to say that it hasn’t changed a lot. Hotels have to change and update to keep up with the times, attract new business, and maintain loyal customers. However, if old hotels change too much, they will no longer retain the image that made them special. On a recent visit to thePfister in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, I was happy to discover that while changes have been made, the overall appearance and ambience of the hotel has remained the same.

The amazing lobby ceiling still gives the sensation of viewing early 16th century art by Michaelangelo in the Sistine Chapel in Rome. Other valuable original paintings and sculptures remain on exhibition throughout the hotel. While featuring modern amenities, the guestrooms in the original century-old building retain an early 20th century charm.

The Old English Tavern downstairs has been replaced with a spa, but the Lobby Lounge is still filled with strains of piano music provided by talented musicians. The change I noticed most was that the green exterior awnings are now red. Since I created my painting of the Pfister when the awnings were green, I was a little disappointed. However, change is good, and the red attracts attention. Maybe I’ll be inspired to make yet another painting of the Pfister.

Whatever is written or painted about historic hotels can only be “a snapshot in time.” That is true of all Hotels to Remember.


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